Our Chemistry Tuition program at O level chemistry was specifically designed to promote learning within the curriculum defined by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).

By carefully structuring sub-topics and using appropriate examples, our O Level Chemistry tuition are able to coach and guide the students in the contexts that will be tested for the concept(s). In addition, students are supported by specially curate questions and learning aids that further enhance understanding of difficult concepts such as organic chemistry and chemical reactions, and content mastery.


O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore Learning Objectives


Once this program is complete, the students will:


  • Integrate and expand their lower secondary science knowledge and concepts with topics of upper secondary chemistry to solve O Level Chemistry exam questions effectively
  • Receive coaching and guidance on problem-solving strategies and response techniques on a variety of O-level chemistry examination questions for Papers 1 and 2
  • Get regular and constructive feedback on its progress
  • Explore issues such as periodicity and atmosphere in greater depth and detail, building on their prior knowledge of lower secondary concepts of chemistry


Purpose of joining us:

  • Seeking O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore to strengthen and master core subjects by conscientious and regular supplementary learning
  • Targeting a competitive edge towards academic excellence in the O-level Chemistry exam
  • Seeking topical revisions to address knowledge gaps and weaknesses in the understanding of concepts related to secondary school chemistry

Our tutor Donnell Koh is a highly qualified and experienced tutor for O-Level Chemistry. Many Singapore students who are sitting for their O-level exams have benefitted. Donnell is very passionate about educating young people and they connect well with the students, which is an important feature of knowledge and skills being imparted. He is a NIE-trained O-Level tuition teacher and he delivers lessons in an engaging and enjoyable way to help students improve their scores.

Why choose us?

At Simply Chemistry, we have a comprehensive tuition programme, where our highly qualified and experienced tutor uses his knowledge to strategically help his students excel in exams. His teaching years in various top schools such as Raffles Institution definitely proof that Donnell is one of the best chemistry tutor in Singapore.

Our results are backed by real reviews. Just look at our Testimonials to see lots of happy parents and student’s examples.