JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore

Simply Chemistry is a Singapore-based professional 'A' level and Integrated Program (IP) tuition centre, registered with the Ministry of Education. At Simply Chemistry, Mr. Donnell Koh (Ex RJ Chemistry Lecturer, 90% Distinction Track Record in H1/H2 Chemistry) provides tuition of high quality, who have many years of teaching experience at the level of 'A' and IP. Having focused and specialized on teaching at the level of 'A' and IP for many years, Simply Chemistry has now developed strong expertise to prepare our students for entry to the universities within our tuition classes.

There is a marked difference in being good at a subject of teaching and being good at teaching. Mr Donnell Koh has observed that to be a good effective teacher requires a particular set of skills. He believes that a good teacher can successfully impart good learning habits to the student and provide easily understandable materials for students to study. Teachers are the frontline in giving the edge students need to succeed in their education; finding the right teachers to guide students is paramount to that success.

Mr. Donnell Koh is able to offer useful tips and make the learning process more efficient and productive, thus shortening the learning cycle, with a strong familiarity and a deep understanding of the Cambridge 'A' level syllabus and exam requirements. Simply Chemistry currently holds tuition classes for the following topics (JC 1 & 2, IP Sec 3 & 4, and IB Year 5 & 6)

Tuition on JC Chemistry comes in many different ways. The approach to JC Chemistry is to go deeper to help students understand the underlying principles that underlie it. Knowing that Acid-Base Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics, Organic Chemistry (Synthesis and Elucidation) are the most challenging topics in chemistry, Simply Chemistry dive deep into the mechanism and learn how to apply the concepts that are thoroughly explained in our JC Chemistry classes.

Here students will develop the ability to deconstruct the mechanism and resolve the questions of chemistry. Students can understand the whole picture, especially the vast scope of Organic Chemistry, with the help of mind maps and tailored JC Chemistry tuition materials.