Junior Colleges in Singapore are pre-university institutions leading to GCE A Levels or International Baccalaureate. Completing that course takes 2 years. Students taking the Science stream in Junior Colleges are offered H2 Chemistry tuition.

What does H2 means?

H2 means Higher 2. Subjects are examined at 3 different levels, the lowest being H1 (Higher 1), the highest being H2 (Higher 2), and H3 (Higher 3).

Why study Chemistry with H2?

Local universities offer professional undergraduate courses which require an entry requirement of H2 Chemistry. Some of these courses include a Degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, etc. These courses will lead to future career jobs

H2 Chemistry will help you transit better from Junior College to University, of course, if you're aiming to go into these fields.


You may search Google for 'A Level prerequisites' to find out the universities' most updated information. It will show you what the requirement to enter your desired course is for basic subjects.

At Simply Chemistry Mr. Koh helps his students in understanding rather than memorizing

If you really enjoy and understand chemistry, then studying it is much easier. You no longer have to dread studying for this heavy content based subject when you understand the content.  He clarifies doubts as soon as you do not understand the concepts.

H2 chemistry Tuition

Students at Junior College will be given an opportunity to select the width of certain subjects they wish to study. Chemistry is one of the topics students have to choose if they want to take level H1 or H2. Both levels in difficulty have the same depth but H2 has a wider breath than H1. In other words, H2 offers greater study scope. Whatever level you choose, you still need to be prepared, as it is much tougher than secondary school. Taking H2 chemistry tuition can therefore always come in handy.

The technology advancement has greatly enhanced our living standards, so that we can now learn even without leaving the house. Simply Chemistry is a tuition agency in Singapore offering online tutoring platform for students to learn comfortably anywhere at any time.