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What is the right Way to Write A Level Chemistry Notes and Study Chemistry?



Your note-taking method should be methodical, and should follow roughly these steps:

a level chemistry


      Step one

Firstly, when writing notes, have the syllabus section or Subject Content handy and choose a section to which you will focus.

     Step two

Take any notes you may have received from your teachers, as well as your textbook, either set by your school or purchased after you have located the recommended texts via the “Published Resources” link on the CIE website.

In addition, resources such as YouTube videos from Twig Learning Center, and websites can provide you with additional information and visual indications to add to the notes.

                                                                      Step three

Write notes from the relevant resource sections which address the syllabus sentence. Note that some additional contextual information may often be gathered from the textbook and notes.

Note: Drawing rough diagrams for concepts in chemistry is always useful.

                                                                     Step four

Now to study your notes and memories them and practice recall is the most efficient and powerful way to memories. To do this, simply read the sentence from the syllabus, and try to remember the points, equations and diagrams you made in the notes.

                                                                     Step five

Once you know the subject well and try to ask some practical questions and refer to marking schemes for them, you may come across keywords or facts you need to have in your answer to get the marks.

                                                                     Last Thoughts

Due to the sheer breadth of content, A Level Chemistry is often seen as one of the more difficult subjects. Although A Level Chemistry appears daunting, there’s no need to fear.

When preparation for A Levels is started early and approached with dedication efficiently, it is not uncommon to enjoy more of the subject and gain a higher mark in the external exams than you expected.

                                                                  Good luck!


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