It is not easy to understand Chemistry. With each passing level the difficulty level increases by several notches. No wonder there is a higher demand for chemistry tuition at the IP level.

IP Chemistry Tuition Program

The Integrated Program (IP) is an integrated upper secondary and JC education where students from secondary school can proceed to JC without taking the 'O' level exams. Schools offering IP will optimize the amount of time spent preparing for O Levels to stretch students and increase the breadth of academic and non-academic curriculum.

At Simply Chemistry, Mr. Koh is well versed in the syllabus and can thus assist students in drawing relationships between sub-topic concepts and, more importantly, in developing understanding across physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, which is an essential skill during IP-level exams.

The experience of Mr. Koh can help your child simplify and elaborate on the complicated concepts, which are difficult to understand when taught in a regular class for the first time.

During the private session, your child will also learn how to make useful chemistry notes that will help them to self-study in later hours.


Chemistry is a subject that can be mastered with a good study plan and an effective pedagogy of teaching that we are confident to offer.

Whether it's O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1 / H2, IB or IP Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, you can get an expert guidance at Simply Chemistry. A theoretical subject such as Chemistry can be fun to learn, only if you have a good teacher in it. Register now, and improve your IP Chemistry grades!