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If you like the Twig™ Chemistry methodology, you might be keen to check out our 2-hour Twig Chemistry trial lesson.

I'll be imparting skills & techniques used by our high performing students to answer A Level Chemistry questions. You will get access to tested and proven templates that can deployed right away during your Science examinations.

Read on to learn more about the course. 🙂


GCE 'A' Level Chemistry Paper Will Start In...

Especially for JC1 and JC2 Students Who Want To Score ‘A’ For Their Chemistry In The Upcoming A Levels!

Discover How Over 1,578 JC Students Score As in H1 & H2 Chemistry Under 6 Months Using The Proven Twig™ Methodology!

And How You Can Use The EXACT Techniques They Used To SOLDIFY Your Fundamentals, Revise EFFECTIVELY, AMPLIFY Your Examination Performance And Finally Scoring ‘A’ For Chemistry In The A Levels!

Developed by: Mr Donnell Koh (Ex RJ Chemistry Lecturer, 90% Distinction Track Record in H1/H2 Chemistry)

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From Straight-U to D in Prelims & A in 'A' Level Chemistry!

"Prior to attending Mr. Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition classes, I was a straight-U student for H2 A Level Chemistry in J1 and the earlier part of J2. Chemistry was my least favourite subject at school and I dreaded it. However, with Mr. Koh’s effective methods of imparting knowledge and skills in Chemistry to us, I found myself gradually improving in this subject and even learning to appreciate it. Eventually, I improved to a D for prelims and an A for A levels! I owe this to Mr. Koh’s patient guidance, generous support and his constant belief in me. I will definitely recommend Mr. Koh to all my friends and juniors. Once again, thank you Mr. Koh!

- Meiyin, National Junior College

Explained In A Way That Made Understanding Easy!

"My daughter Amanda Lim had the good fortune of being tutored by Mr Koh. Mr Koh was a very dedicated teacher, who would stay back after class to answer all the questions the students had. He also explained in a way that made understanding easy. He got Amanda to do questions from the 1980s, and many similar questions came out during the A levels! I cannot thank Mr Koh enough for helping Amanda to achieve an A for Chemistry."

- Ms. Vanessa, Mother of Amanda

Are you constantly feeling frustrated because:

1) You cannot seem to grasp the concepts taught in school.

Let’s face it. Chemistry is a difficult subject.

We all know that the learning curve for A Level Chemistry is extremely steep as compared to that of O Levels.

This is because almost 95% of the content in the syllabus is new and the level of analytical thinking required is very high.

Doing well in A Level Chemistry requires a tremendous amount of effort to understand and apply the concepts learnt.


2) Your school’s Chemistry teacher is teaching at a very fast pace. You’ve tried your best but you simply can’t catch up.

It’s not your school teacher’s fault.

It’s understandable as the A Level Chemistry syllabus is undoubtedly very heavy and teachers have important deadlines to meet.

Most of the time, many students, like yourself, have problems grasping these pesky concepts.

Like them, you go into the class, all ready to learn, but you leave the class feeling more confused than ever.

Over time, a lack of clear understanding & a multitude of misconceptions tend to build up…

… and this creates a deadly recipe for poor results in school.


3) You’ve put in hours of revision every day but you never seem to do well.

You are very determined to practise and make it work, but the odds seem to against you.

You spend hours every day pouring your eyes over leture notes & past year examination papers, but nothing seem to work.

You know that you’re not stupid and you consider yourself to be rather diligent.

What could be wrong?

Isn’t this upsetting? And I know how it feels.

I was once in your shoes when I was a JC kid & I can totally emphathise with my students’ experiences as well.


4) You’ve been attending tuition classes every where in Singapore, but nothing seem to work for you!

If you are, you’re not alone. Many students tend to face the same problem.

Like many students, you probably have invested thousands of dollars, months & months of time, searching for a “perfect tutor” to work with.

You kept telling yourself to give yourself more time for this to work…

…but guess what? Nothing did.

What’s most disappointing and heartwrenching is that your grades don’t seem to improve, despite your heavy investments of time & money on tuition.


Does all of these frustrate you? It should!

Two years to prepare for A Levels isn’t a lot of time.

And to do well, you need to be well-equipped with the thought processes & answering techniques.

Well, let me tell you this. There is a recipe to fast-track this learning process.

I’m about to reveal the exact Twig™ methodology that I use to help more than 2000 late-bloomer, junior college students become “A” students in 6 months!

If you want to get into your dream university, then you must pay very close attention to what I'm about to share with you next...

Because I'm about to reveal my secret of helping more than 2000 junior college students attain As from Es/Us in under 6 months.

And look, if these JC kids have benefitted under my professional guidance, it means that you child can as well.

But before that, you probably have a question – “Why Should I Listen To You?”

Founder & Principal of Twig Learning Center

BSc Chem Eng (2nd Upp Hons), PGDE

Ex-RJ Chemistry Lecturer

91.2% Distinction Track Record for H2 Chemistry

Hi, my name is Donnell. I’m the founder & principal of Twig Learning Center. Some parents & students might know me as the Chemistry expert who has helped over 1,600 junior college students achieve massive progress in H1/H2 Chemistry & clinch ‘A’s from ‘U’s in as little as 6 months.

As a former Chemistry lecturer from Raffles Junior College & Meridian Junior College, I have worked closely with students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – from the extremely weak to the highly gifted. I know what works for students and what doesn’t.

Through my 13 years of experience as a Chemistry lecturer, I’ve designed a set of powerful learning strategies and techniques that I’ve been teaching my students to help them achieve ‘A’s in an incredibly short period of time. These proven techniques have helped more than 90% of my students achieve As and Bs during the GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examinations.

Here's How I Can Help You

The Twig™ Chemistry program puts you on the right track to attaining As for GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry.

Say goodbye to putting in LONG hours every day trying to study Chemistry the HARD way.

Drilling MINDLESSLY won’t get you anywhere.

What you need now is a structured program that would help you solidify your fundamentals in A Level Chemistry and enhance your analytical abilities.

Trust me on this.

If you can do all the questions in my notes without peeking at the answers

… I’d guarantee that you’ve understood all of the key concepts and are on track to ace-ing A Level Chemistry.

After attending the Twig™ Chemistry course, you would have achieved:

  1. You would have strong content knowledge and develop a solid foundation in A Level Chemistry. You will know exactly what is needed for the GCE ‘A’ Level examinations, nothing less.
  2. I’ll personally coach & mentor you to be well equipped with the vital examination & learning strategies. (These strategies will give you an unfair advantage over your peers without them even knowing it.)
  3. You would have be able to hold your head up high & produce distinctions consistently for your Chemistry tests and examinations. (Show your teachers and those who always believe in you that you can do it!)
  4. You would have developed a keen eye in tackling a wide spectrum of questions & will never be afraid of questions “evolving”.
  5. More importantly, you will have a renewed sense of confidence & purpose in learning. You will begin to enjoy the process & look forward to every lesson.

Invest Two Hours A Week With Me & I’ll Assure You That I’ll Change Your Life For Good!

By the way…

This is NOT one of those “supplementary” classes where you can loaded with plenty of boring concepts and ten-year-series questions!

I’m a firm believer of application.

I will personally ensure that you will get to apply whatever you’ve learnt on school examination questions when you come for my lessons…

… this means that by the time you leave my class, you will be thoroughly trained on how to tackle your school homework or even your school practice papers accurately & efficiently.

Not a month later or even a week later, but immediately! How cool is that?

During every Twig™ lesson, I’ll be revealing some massively potent studying strategies used by my top performing JC students. These strategies helped them save hours studying everyday and yet allow them to score As during their school examinations time & time again!

Introducing The Twig Chemistry Program

The Twig™ Chemistry program is all about taking action.

Once you start to implement my techniques immediately in the first lesson, you’ll start to see massive breakthroughs in your thought processes & answering techniques.

From then, we will work closely together and it gets really exciting.

Here’s What You Can Expect From The Content-Packed Twig™ H1/H2 Chemistry Program:

  • How to build a solid grounding in A Level Chemistry (I am going to show you what is exactly needed to ace your GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examination – follow my recipe and you’ll be in good hands!)
  • How to develop a deep, intimate understanding of the Chemistry subject (I’ll keep your eyes peeled on real world examples every lesson. You’ll be better at relating to Chemistry concepts & this would greatly help you understand the concepts. I kid you not – this has been one of my key ingredients for students’ success!)
  • How to integrate multiple Chemistry concepts across different topics seamlessly (… this is a strong differentiating factor between a ‘B’ grade student and a ‘A’ grade student! Knowing this would put you in the lead for ALL of your examinations!)
  • The one little-known thing you must do immediately after you see an open-ended question (Just doing this one thing would help you increase your chances of scoring full marks for the question!)
  • Gain direct access to my copy-and-paste answering techniques (… these techniques have been meticulously designed to help you cover all grounds during the A Level Chemistry examination! Stop losing marks unnecessarily because of missing keywords or links!)
  • How to solve quantitative questions from pesky topics like Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Equilibrium, Electrolysis in a step-by-step, methodological manner (… these type of questions have fished huge chunks of marks from many JC students because they simply do not know how to start!)
  • How to link key scientific concepts to the question asked, so the examiner understands that you know exactly what you are writing (… instead of pure regurgitation, a common mistake committed by under-performers!)
  • Apply your newly learnt answering techniques to my wide arsenal of A Level Chemistry questions (... these questions are specially hand-picked by myself after analysing hundreds of A Level Chemistry examination papers. There’ll be so much extra practice that I guarantee you won’t even have time to complete half of them!)

… and other advanced A Level Chemistry strategies that will position you for the ‘A’ that you always desired.

Would I Be Able To Learn Fast Enough?

My Twig™ Chemistry course has been designed to be to be easy to understand, regardless of whether you are new to A Level Chemistry or you’ve been scoring distinctions since the start of school term.

In fact, I’ve broken it down into step-by-step parts, even a secondary four kid could take my notes and start applying these techniques!

All you need to do is to follow my steps religiously and see it work for you. It is that simple.

You’ll see results immediately after you start learning and applying my techniques taught during the lesson.

Here’s The Best Part.

You’re not just putting in effort, just to ace your upcoming Chemistry test in school…

I’m giving you the exact framework you need to build a foundation that is strong enough to weather you through the darkest storms.

For high performers, the Twig™ Chemistry framework would help you achieve your desired results even faster. The steps you take would help you strengthen your fort & help you gain an unfair advantage over your other peers in any Chemistry examination.

You’ll leave them bewildered; creating an impression that you’ve the capabilities to top the class time after time, despite putting in minimal effort.

Now, wouldn’t this be great if you can get access to all of these powerful strategies in the upcoming week?

Book A Trial Now!

Limited Offer Ends In...

Available JC1 Chemistry Classes* (Start on 3rd Feb):

Class 1 (H2): Friday, 7PM to 9PM - 9 slots left!

Class 2 (H2): Saturday, 4PM to 6PM - 5 slots left!

Available JC2 Chemistry Classes (On-going):

Class 3 (H2): Wednesday, 7PM to 9PM - 10 slots left!

Class 4 (H2): Thursday, 7PM to 9PM - FULL

Class 5 (H2): Friday, 4.30PM to 6.30PM - 8 slots left!

Class 6 (H2): Saturday, 10AM to 12PM - 7 slots left!

Class 7 (H2): Saturday, 1PM to 3PM - FULL

Location: 167A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre

Landmarks: Opposite NS20: Novena MRT

*The number of seats you see above is not an accurate representation because we don't update our numbers frequently. You're advised to apply as soon as you can. If you applied but didn't get a seat, I apologise in advance!

Don’t Go To The A Level Chemistry Examination Hall Without These Strategies

And fortunately, I've already done all of the hard work, fine-tuned the methodology and figured out what works best for you (and what doesn't).

These are the exact strategies we impart to our high performing students & they depend heavily on them to conquer their school examination papers.

Just $100 A Session

and 2 hours of your time every week where I'll work closely with you to acquire & apply these skills to tackle A Level Chemistry examination questions effortlessly.

You can choose to spend your time flipping your school’s lecture notes or tackle practice examination papers without a proven strategy OR you can have direct access to a proven plan to tackle A Level Chemistry questions effectively & accurately.

The choice is yours.

Click the "Register Now" button and start conquering the A Level Chemistry paper in a smart way...

Book A Trial Now!

Limited Offer Ends In...

Available JC1 Chemistry Classes* (Start on 3rd Feb):

Class 1 (H2): Friday, 7PM to 9PM - 9 slots left!

Class 2 (H2): Saturday, 4PM to 6PM - 5 slots left!

Available JC2 Chemistry Classes (On-going):

Class 3 (H2): Wednesday, 7PM to 9PM - 10 slots left!

Class 4 (H2): Thursday, 7PM to 9PM - FULL

Class 5 (H2): Friday, 4.30PM to 6.30PM - 8 slots left!

Class 6 (H2): Saturday, 10AM to 12PM - 7 slots left!

Class 7 (H2): Saturday, 1PM to 3PM - FULL

Location: 167A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre

Landmarks: Opposite NS20: Novena MRT

*The number of seats you see above is not an accurate representation because we don't update our numbers frequently. You're advised to apply as soon as you can. If you applied but didn't get a seat, I apologise in advance!

I Know You’re Excited… But Wait A Minute. This Isn’t For Anyone.

This Course Is Probably Not For You If...

If you are not committed to learn & apply what you learnt in my class, this class will probably not be suitable for you. These strategies & techniques are the result of years of research & development & they've been proven to work for over 2000 JC students.

If you are unwilling to change & adapt your learning style, I'm afraid you will not see much noticeable improvements in your Chemistry results. Having said that, it'll be a waste of both of our time. Since I've only decided to work with a selected group of students, I want every single student under my tutelage to cherish this opportunity.

I’d strongly urge you not to deprive another student of this opportunity if you are not serious about breakthroughs.



If you are the type of student who is highly motivated, but is struggling in school because you lack the proper exposure to the right learning techniques…

If you have invested thousands of dollars and months of time on a tuition program, but it’s just not working for you. You aren’t exactly progressing much in school and you’re looking for a change in environment…

If you’re a high-performing students who wants a results-proven Chemistry lecturer to strengthen their thought processes & refine their answers to perfection…

If you’ve always dreamed of looking for the right tutor for yourself - the one who truly understands how to help you accelerate your learning by leveraging on your strengths, while taking care of your weaknesses…

If the any of the above describes who you are…

Then, the Twig™ Chemistry class could have been exactly what you’re waiting for!

Book A Trial Now!

Limited Offer Ends In...

Available JC1 Chemistry Classes* (Start on 3rd Feb):

Class 1 (H2): Friday, 7PM to 9PM - 9 slots left!

Class 2 (H2): Saturday, 4PM to 6PM - 5 slots left!

Available JC2 Chemistry Classes (On-going):

Class 3 (H2): Wednesday, 7PM to 9PM - 10 slots left!

Class 4 (H2): Thursday, 7PM to 9PM - FULL

Class 5 (H2): Friday, 4.30PM to 6.30PM - 8 slots left!

Class 6 (H2): Saturday, 10AM to 12PM - 7 slots left!

Class 7 (H2): Saturday, 1PM to 3PM - FULL

Location: 167A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre

Landmarks: Opposite NS20: Novena MRT

*The number of seats you see above is not an accurate representation because we don't update our numbers frequently. You're advised to apply as soon as you can. If you applied but didn't get a seat, I apologise in advance!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here's What Parents & Students Have Been Saying About Us!

"I joined Twig because my sister had strongly recommended me when I was in JC1 and from the start I could immediately tell that Mr Koh is a very caring teacher. It is very seldom that you see teachers, let alone tutors with such passion, dedication and thoughtfulness. Mr Koh would never hesitate to help you even if it means less sleep, time outside of class and even endless amounts of questions on whatsapp. His love for chemistry is definitely contagious as he made me appreciate it and even eventually to love chemistry as well. I always looked forward to his lessons as it was highly engaging, interesting and mentally stimulating. During lessons, his teaching is very succinct, comprehensive and just at the right pace unlike most schools, thus enabling me to cope well. With countless amounts of materials ranging from concise yet detailed notes to extra practices at home and even cheat sheets to aid memory work, Mr Koh has definitely prepared me exceptionally well and I am sure he will do the same for you. For me, my only ‘problem’ was that I had too much useful material at my disposal. I’m very grateful for Mr Koh in helping me jump from an ‘E’ grade in my mid years to a ‘B’ grade in my prelims and finally an ‘A’ in my A levels. I’m sure that he is the unlike any other teachers you’ve seen before, as the level of detail and clarity in his explanations due to his many years in teaching is impeccable. Take my word that he seriously is the best that you can get. Lastly, thank you Mr Koh you’re one good lad and I look up to you."

- Dominic Choo, Victoria Junior College

"Mr Koh is an engaging and dedicated teacher. His notes are clear and concise, making them good reference materials for revision. We also have plenty of opportunities to practise the main concepts and common misconceptions in class so that we will be familiar with them by the time we sit for our exams. The recent trend for Chemistry appears to be setting compounds and reaction mechanisms that are different from the ones in the syllabus. Such questions may appear intimidating at first, but Mr Koh is always able to break it down to the basic concepts and establish a logical flow. This not only helps us understand the answer, but also teaches us how to approach similar questions in future.

Apart from being very effective, Mr Koh is also very nurturing. During lessons, he ensures that everyone is keeping up with the pace of the lesson, and also constantly encourages us. This helped to build my confidence especially when dealing with difficult questions. With Mr Koh’s help, Chemistry went from being one of my most dreaded subjects to something I really enjoyed doing, and this was reflected the steady improvement in my Chemistry grades throughout J2. I finally got an A at A levels. This would not have been possible without Mr Koh, so thank you Mr Koh!"

- Claire Neoh, Raffles Junior College

"Before I joined Mr Koh’s lessons, I struggled really badly with passing Chemistry. It was just a bulk of information that never made sense to me. I could not pick out the key concepts from the thick school lecture notes and was always stuck when answering practice questions with my poor understanding of the subject. I am really lucky to have met Mr Koh in the last few months before the A levels, saving me from my disastrous Chemistry grades and eventually achieving a 4 grades jump.

In Mr Koh’s lessons, with notes that are easy to digest, practice questions streamlined to help grasp the key concepts and very clear explanations, I finally saw the light in Chemistry! I really love his lessons as each session leaves me with a firm understanding of what has been taught and makes me all ready to attempt further practice. Beyond his efficient teaching style, Mr Koh’s patience and dedication as a teacher helped me tremendously in improving my Chemistry.  He patiently answered all the questions I had in Chemistry, explaining even the very fundamentals that I never actually understood in J1. Each time I requested for consultation session, Mr Koh was always there for me. I am so thankful for the numerous consultation sessions during which I thoroughly clarified my doubts and gained more confidence in the subject.

I felt so happy when my conceptual understanding made progress – from an entangled mess to much clearer and more systematic understanding. Thank you Mr Koh for always taking the extra mile to help your students, you are truly a remarkable teacher!"

- Yuling, Hwa Chong Institution

"Every year, thousands of students struggle with the rigor of A Level Chemistry, not because it was content heavy but also because it was much more trickier than the O levels. I, being no exception, continued to fail my Chemistry papers during my J1 term and having barely scrapped a pass during promos. Worried as I was, I was very lucky to have met Mr Koh at Twig Centre. I remembered the first class he conducted on Organic Chemistry (Halogenoalkanes), having received his (superior)  notes and listened in for the entire (mind blowing) lesson, I came out of the class feeling not just fulfilled but actually excited for the next lesson! Mr Koh has a nick for making chemistry come alive (literally! with some fun experiments conducted) during his classes and will even go the extra mile to clarify questions after class or via texts. Furthermore, he would always find the time to help weaker students in his classes, giving us the emotional support that is evermore required to handle any setbacks with school exams. Mr Koh is a great teacher, but more than that, a great friend and a true inspiration for Chemistry. Thank you Mr Koh for helping me Ace my Chemistry A Levels!"

- Dexter, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

"Chemistry. It’s a subject that I alway seek interest in but my past grades prove otherwise. I have always thought that the subject was abstract and difficult to understand. So I decided to seek help. Many friends recommended me to give Twig Learning Centre a shot due to its past reputation of helping students improve tremendously. I decided then to give it a try. When I started attending Mr Koh’s class, the subject gradually became clearer to me. His methodical and in-depth teaching aided me in my understanding of the subject. Mr Koh also conducts one-to-one sessions in class. When we are doing our practice questions,his patience and guidance have certainly contributed significantly to my rapid improvement. From an E for prelims to an A for A levels is certainly not an easy feat. I can achieve this stellar result because of Mr Koh’s strong belief in unleashing my true potential.Thank you Mr Koh! 🙂 "

- Valeria, Raffles Junior College

"Being a student who struggled to pass Chemistry in his JC1 year, I was recommended to Mr Koh’s H2 Chemistry tuition through a friend who faced the same issue as me. Through my time in Mr Koh’s class, I found myself beginning to have an interest in the subject, and soon my results began to pick up. Mr Koh is not only knowledgeable in his work, but also very passionate in his teaching. He teaches not to memorise content, but rather understanding the concepts, especially for heavy content topics such as Organic Chemistry. Under his guidance, I was very motivated to work hard for my Chemistry as Mr Koh consistently offered his time to personally clarify any doubts we had. Not only does he ensure that we understand our work, he is also quick and precise to point out our mistakes and help us through. Good results are often impossible without a good teacher. I scored an A for my A-levels Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance!"

- Bryan Toh, Anderson Junior College

"Chemistry has been made so much more comprehensible with Mr Koh’s lessons. His method of teaching- explaining the key concepts followed by hands-on practices for students was effective in helping me master each topic. What I really appreciate is that Mr Koh is able to put himself in his students’ shoes, identify the misconceptions/ possible misconceptions we may have and address them in a way where they are easier to understand. What’s more, Mr Koh is very approachable and is always eager to help his students not only with tuition questions, but those from school as well. I have definitely benefited from Mr Koh’s lessons and my learning journey with chemistry has been made much more smoother. With the help of Mr Koh and Twig, I was able to achieve an A for H2 Chemistry for the A levels. Thank you Mr Koh! :)"

- Shu Qing, Anderson Junior College

"Mr Koh has helped me tremendously in my Chemistry during the tough 2 year JC journey. Chemistry was never my strong subject. I remember starting JC attaining an E grade and officially disliking Chemistry. Eventually, my grade dropped to an S and that was when I enrolled in Mr Koh’s Chem tuition. Mr Koh’s lessons were not only engaging, his notes were detailed and on point as well. His sincerity really translates through his lessons, and you can genuinely feel that he wants and will go all out to help all his students. I recall the times he would stay beyond lessons for consultations, even if our consultations lasted an hour, he never had a complaint. Chemistry tuition was never a bore, and I found myself inclined to go for tuition lessons, hence gradually my interest in chemistry increased, and now it has become one of my favourite subjects! I really thank Mr Koh for helping me cultivate this interest for chemistry and eventually helping me achieve my A in the A levels. He is truly a great teacher!!! Thank you once again for all your hard work Mr Koh, really couldn’t have done it without you!"

- Regina, Victoria Junior College

"When I first started Chemistry in J1, I was constantly at the bottom of the cohort. I struggled in the subject as I could not understand the concepts taught in school. Thankfully Mr Koh’s lessons helped to revise the fundamentals. He provided condensed notes and compiled many practice questions that were especially helpful for revision. Even in JC2, he gave pointers when I had difficulty in my revision, which sometimes extended pass normal lesson time. It was no miracle that I had achieved an A in the GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry paper. Without Mr Koh’s supervision in my studies, I would not have been able to reach my full potential. I am very grateful for having him as my teacher."

- Wan Tian, River Valley High School

"Mr Koh is a fantastic teacher especially in making you LOVE CHEMISTRY. While that may sound impossible, I can guarantee you that you will develop some passion for the subject after having lessons with Mr Koh for roughly 3 months. Nerdy it may seem, this passion for Chemistry will really bring you far for you will be mind-blown at how willingly your brain picks up the seemingly complex Chemistry concepts. (At least that was true for me)  His patience in answering your endless chemistry questions will amaze you and the time spent listening attentively during Mr Koh’s lessons will definitely be more worth it than feeling troubled deciphering concepts whilst pouring over your books! I scored an A for my A-Level Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh!"

- Shu Xian, Hwa Chong Institution

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Tuition Necessary?

A: No, it is not necessary. However many people still pay top dollar for the best teachers/coaches to get enable their children to reach the fullest potential. Research has shown that students unlucky enough to have a succession of poor teachers lagged behind. If the teacher is second-best, the students will still suffer. I am a parent myself. I understand that children need some form of scaffolding to support them in their studies. If my children can get the best tutors to guide them along the way, this will ease their burden in understanding and shorten their learning curve. ‘A’ level is of a much higher standard than ‘O’ level. Ask any student who has taken the ‘A’ level and he/she will agree. It would be wise to get help early.

Q: Can I Pay During The First Lesson?

A: Seat booking is completed only upon successful fee payment on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, it is strongly recommended to pay up the fee as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Q: Is There A Makeup If I Miss My Lesson?

A: We specialize only in A-Level Chemistry. The advantage of specialization is that we offer many classes so students can attend another class to make-up. Naturally the weekend classes will be bigger than the weekday classes due to the last minute make up. However you need to SMS Mr Koh at 96992377 to check on availability.

Q: Can I Ask Questions In The Class?

A: Students are free to ask questions during lessons. In fact, we encourage interaction. Students are also welcome to stay back after lesson for clarification of any doubts they may have regarding the lesson. Separate one-to-one consultation on ad-hoc basis can also be arranged upon request but the tutor must be given advance notice and the students must come before the regular class starts.

Q: Should I Consider Home or Group Tuition?

A: Engaging a home tutor, the student will be given more attention. The tutor can help answer whatever questions the students may have during in the lesson. The student or tutor can choose to cancel or rearrange lesson. However, there is no lesson plan and it is not so easy to find a good and reliable home tutor. Many part-time tutors who have not taught in a Junior College may not have the relevant experience to teach the ‘A’ Level syllabus competently.

Joining a tuition center that specializes in the subject will ensure that there is a planned scheme of work. During lessons, the teachers will give their carefully prepared notes, tests and exams. You can leave everything to the tutor and trust that he or she has the experience and track record to help you achieve what you want with minimum effort. A center with a good track record will be able to guide the students to succeed in the subject. You get the best tutor at an affordable price as the cost is shared with the rest of the class. Parents and students understand that the ‘A’ level is just a short 2 years. So it is critical that students join a center that has good tutors to ensure that students learn effectively.

Q: How Are The Lessons Conducted?

A: Each lesson is broken down into concept explanation followed by problem solving. We will teach the students how to think smart and study smart. Students are taught to form links across the different Chemistry topics. This will better prepare them to solve integrated application questions. Mr Donnell Koh has spent more than 10 years as a lecturer, teaching and crafting exam questions. He has immense experience to help students prepare for the Chemistry exams. By joining us and working together as a team, students will be able to achieve the grades they desire.

If you want to find out more about how we have fared over the years, its best you read the students’ testimonials.

Many of my students have written for me long testimonials and I am really thankful and touched. But really these students deserve all the praise for their perseverance and hard work. I am really proud of them and that is what motivates me to work even harder.

Q: Can I Do A Trial Class?

A: Yes. Students can just pay for the trial and decide if the class is suitable to continue.

Registration Form for Twig H1/H2 Chemistry Trial Class

Please fill in the following form accurately. 🙂

Available JC1 Chemistry Classes* (Start on 3rd Feb):

Class 1 (H2): Friday, 7PM to 9PM - 9 slots left!

Class 2 (H2): Saturday, 4PM to 6PM - 5 slots left!

Available JC2 Chemistry Classes (On-going):

Class 3 (H2): Wednesday, 7PM to 9PM - 10 slots left!

Class 4 (H2): Thursday, 7PM to 9PM - FULL

Class 5 (H2): Friday, 4.30PM to 6.30PM - 8 slots left!

Class 6 (H2): Saturday, 10AM to 12PM - 7 slots left!

Class 7 (H2): Saturday, 1PM to 3PM - FULL

Location: 167A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre

Landmarks: Opposite NS20: Novena MRT

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